XCode SDK Setup Guide

Setting up your certificates

In this section we'll guide you through the steps required to setup your application with Apple. To start sending Push Notifications, you have to create the corresponding certificates first. There is one certificate needed for development and another one for producion (App Store).

Before starting the tutorial, you'll need a developer account, if you don't have one yet, go to the developer portal and register as a developer.

  • Once you have your developer account, you must login to the developer portal and go to the Identifiers section.

  • On the Identifiers section, click on the + button on the top right corner.

  • Make sure that under the section 'App ID Suffix' you have selected 'Explicit App ID' and under 'App Services' you have selected 'Push notifications'. Then fill out the form and click on Continue.

  • License step 1

    Alert It's very important that you use the same BundleID in your project, otherwise you won't receive any Push Notifications.

    License step 2
  • Click on the appID you just generated, and click on the Edit/Settings button. On the edit page you will see the buttons to generate the Development and Production licenses.

  • Alert If you don't see the Edit/Settings button is because you aren't the team Admin. The person who originally created the account will have to carry out the steps below.

    License step 3

    Click on the 'Create certificate' button under 'Development SSL Certificate' and follow the instructions.

    License step 4

    Once you complete all the steps, download the generated certificate and open it by double clicking on it, Keychain Access will automaically open.

  • Go to 'My Certificates' section and look for the certificate you just generated.

  • License step 5
  • Click on the arrow at the left to unfold the certificate item, select both the certificate and the key underneath it, right click on in it and select "Export..."

  • License step 6

    Export it as a .p12 file and give it the name you prefer.

  • We're almost done! In order to be able to send your Push Notifications, we need you to generate a .pem file. To do that yo'll have to open your favourite terminal and, in the same folder that you saved the .p12 file, run this command substituting the file names for you .p12 file and the oputput file name you prefer.

  • openssl pkcs12 -in yourP12file.p12 -out certificate.pem -nodes -clcerts
  • Last step! Navigate to our PUSHTech™ Marketing Platform, and under the 'Apps' section create a new app and upload the .pem file we just generated:

  • License step 7